Thursday, November 12, 2009

Talking Dental Hygienist Secret questions?

an you please answer these question for me

1@ why dental hygienist are hated by dentist and said they are over paid?

2@ why DH are not getting overtime hours or even full time?

3@ why DH does not have benefit,insurance.sick days and other things?

4@ why DH does not ask for cash money since most of them get part-time work?

5@why DH have to work for private dentists.are not there any public hospitals.are not DH in demand?

6@ can really a dental assistance do the DH job? if that is true.why the dentist is wasting money on DH?

7@why most dentists don't admit that they need hygienist.I mean if I'm a dentist and I don't hire A hygienes than I have to do their work and I will not have time to do root canal,molar.braces.filing and other things.what kind of business is that and don't you think that dental assistance is not licensed to do H\DH works,you can be sued for that and have a suspended license.

Finally: I'm a male who is trying to be DH.I think DH should be treated equally,I feel like they are discriminated and used by man's power,so all Dh Have to develop some sort of strategy.Like a union or something that protects them from dentist.I may do that in the future if I became One..I try to lead women to path of success.this is just a personal OFFEND TO ANY DENTIST OR ORTHODONTIC WHATSOEVER AND PLEASE KINDLY ANSWER MY QUESTIONS.

Talking Dental Hygienist Secret questions?
Being a dental hygienist is very much like being a nurse.

You must work under a doctor's supervision. However, there are no hygienist unions. There are professional organizations such as the ADHA who lobby for changes in the Dental Law and such things.

Your questions:

Dentists don't hate hygienist. Every dentist I have worked for has appreciated having a hygienist to do thier cleanings.

Hygienists often work full time, although many dentists don't work a 40 hour work week.

Full Time Hygienists do get full time benefits. My company provieds health insurance, dental insurance, sick days, personal days, vacation days and an optional 401 K.

I dont understand cash money?

Hospitals employ dental hygienists if they have a dental clinic.

No an assistant can not by law clean teeth

If a dentist doesnt want a hygienist, he or she probably doesnt have the client load to support one.

Why not be a DH if you are male?

We aren't discriminated against truely! We choose to be a hygienist, not a dentist. YOu need alot more schooling and$$$ to be a dentist. If I wanted equality with a dentist, I would have gone to dental school.

In 25 years Ive always been respected and treated fairly by the professionals that have hired me.

I would recommend that you look into some dental hygiene programs. They will provide you with all the info you need before chosing this career path.
Reply:We can't tell you, it's a secret. You can't escape the armorshell.
Reply:This really is some very sensitive information you are asking for. These are secret for a reason. The very fact that you know the questions to ask means that our systems and organization have been compromised.

Just be careful. We here at SDN are monitoring your activities closely.

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