Monday, May 17, 2010

Physical therapy assistant or dental hygienist?

I need good answers.. Thanks!!

I do like Physical Therapy better..Dental is boring.

Physical therapy assistant or dental hygienist?
I am a Physical therapist assistant that just graduated in August and I know people who are dental hygienists. I choose to go to be a PTA because I was able to get out of school faster to be able to work in the clinic and there are just so many places you can work and so many different injuries you can see because everyone is different even if they have the same injury. I have researched and there are a couple of universities in the U.S that have a bridging program to go from a PTA to a PT with some experience. A PTA won't make as much money as a PT but there are not quite as many responsibilities and paperwork. Those that I know that are dental hygienists enjoy it and have never complained about their job. Hope this helps.
Reply:well, both are in high demand. I have to admit..i wouldnt want to breath in bad breath all day
Reply:physical therapy assistant... u can make more money

You need to ask a complete question to get the answer you want.

If you are asking for career advice?? I think you answered your own question.
Reply:Physical therapist. I really would not want to look in peoples mouths all day
Reply:There is more money to be maid being a dental hygienist but if your not going to be happy then you should obviously be a physical therapy assistant.
Reply:It's kinda what your looking for in a career. I'm a dental hygienist. It is boring, but, I love my patients and I work for a great dentist. Some of my girlfriends are never bored and just love it. Depending on what state you live in I have a feeling that hygiene may make more than a PT assistant. So on those boring days, knowing that I'm going to bring home a hefty paycheck, makes it go alot better! Good luck, either one you chose is still helping someone!
Reply:Go here and do some research
Reply:depends on how strong you are? physical therapy requires a lot of strength at times and people do get injured. Take that into mind
Reply:A Dental Hygienist makes more money than the Physical Therapy Assistant and are in great demand now and in the future however in the next few days something will take place in your life that will make your decision easier than our opinions.
Reply:I had looked into Physical Therapist Asst. When looking through one of those websites where people in the industry give comments one of them said don't bother with the assistant degree go for the full Pysical Therapist. Its only a couple more years go for it, I did not and now I wish I had.


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